Best in Class Performance, Industry Leading Compliance.


Millennium Provides Unsurpassed Recovery Performance.

Highest Recovery Rates in Head-to-Head Challenges


24/7 Nationwide Recovery Management

Built on years of experience working with consumer lenders of all sizes, and a commitment to continuous innovation, our nationwide recovery management – including impounds, frontings, and skip tracing makes minimizing your losses easy.

Better Processes, Fewer Problems

You need fast, headache-free solutions from the providers that manage your recoveries. That’s why we’ve built our processes on Best Practices with extensive refinement and maintain integrations with the industry’s leading technology solutions.

Flexible Solutions, Better Results

You are not looking for a one-size-fits-all solution. We’ve developed an approach that that tailors our core services – from process to systems, and compliance to reporting – to meet your individual needs and partner with you for maximum performance.

Millennium is the only continuously 100% certified outsourced national recovery manager every year since the inception of SOC2